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Cherry Parts Limited

A B2B Fire Safety Equipment Supplier

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In Brief

Cherry Parts are a fire supplies company that specialize in B2B (Business to Business) sales. Cherry Parts didn't approach me themselves but instead, NPS (Newcastle Print Solutions) did. NPS are starting in the world of Web design and Development and needed to hire a freelancer to get started. The designs and meeting were carried out by NPS themselves.


The initial meetings and design phase did not involve me, however, I did speak to the Graphic Designer and worked closely and got to understand why the website was designed in the way that is it. The reason is that it is solely for B2B and not for the general public so it didnt need to be glamorous and needed to be straight to the point (Sales).

The website was built in WordPress to allow an easy integration of HubSpot. HubSpot is an email marketing CMS System and there is very little that it cannot do. This was integrated into the website to allow existing and potential customers to sign up to receive emails outlining new launches and potential discounts.

We must have made a great imperssion on Cherry Parts Limited as me, NPS and Cherry Parts are working closely together on a second website for E-Commerce sales.

Languages Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

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